Review: Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

The game Ghost of Tsushima got released on the 17th July 2020 for the PS4 by Sucker Punch Productions.

At first, I didn’t know much about the game but I have read many good things about it. After watching a few videos about the game play I thought: ” Wow, an Assassins Creed in a Samurai Dress”. As I like Japan and also its culture I gave the game a chance. I bought it eventually on the release day.

Now, more or less two weeks later and a Platin trophy more in my collection, I want to give a small review about the game.

The story itself takes place on the Japanese island Tsushima which is located in the sea between the main land Japan and Corea. At the time of the samurai, Mongols tries to conquer Japan and here is where the tragic story of our protagonist and hero Jin Sakai begins.

One of the game major features is the Kurosawa Mode, a Cinema mode which should remind on old samurai movies from the movie producer Akira Kurosawa. This mode gives the game a black & white color filter, which I actually haven’t used once and I don’t really know why, lol!
Another feature is the photo mode, in which you can actually take astonishing pictures, which I actually only used once for a trophy.

Speaking of taking pictures, the Island is really beautiful and well designed. Many times, when I climbed on top of a mountain, I really enjoyed the panorama view. I think the graphics are not 100% on that level which we got promised but nevertheless they are still awesome!

Game play wise, I keep it short. As I said before, the game is quite Assassins Creed oriented. Dodging, parrying and counter attacking against a horde of Mongols is the main part of the fights. Or if you like to sneak, you can also do it ninja style, killing the enemy silently. The duels are actually nice, in which you have to study your enemy to take the right actions against him.
The leveling system in its core idea is nice but in the end you get your experiences as usual through battles and quests.


In the end I can say that Sucker Punch did a great job with this game, I had a lot of fun. But there were a few things which could have been improved. For example, the story. The story hasn’t really a depth and is quite straight forward and also the development of Jin’s allies is quite questioning.
Exploring the whole island was a pleasure. There are many spots to discover but not to many to get overwhelmed and the size of the island is also acceptable. It doesn’t feel like an endless world map.
Some battles can be sometimes painful, specially when the camera angle is on the wrong spot. The general difficulty for this game on normal mode is ok and shouldn’t be too frustrating for casual players.
Beside the few weak spots the games has, I still really enjoyed it. The beauty of the nature and the great OST are harmonious. And as a Japanese producer said: If you don’t know from where the game come from you will think it comes from an Japanese developer.
I can only agree with that!

How did you like the game? Have you already tried it out? Let me know!


Pokemon Direct

Today Nintendo presented new Pokemon Games! Mostly they are for mobile devices, specially for Android and iOS.

Pokemon Smile

A mobile for parents and their kids. It’s a simple game to motivate little kids to brush their teeth and also their parents! 😉

Pokemon Café Mix

Also a mobile app in which you have a Café and solving puzzles progresses you in the game. Expanding your Café and new Pokemon wants to enjoy your delicious coffee.

New Pokemon Snap

The most exciting reveal for is me is New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch! I loved it when I was a kid playing the Pokemon Snap on N64 and be honest, who wasn’t?

Oh and btw, the expansion The Isle of Armor is available since today for Pokemon Sword & Shield.

For more information, check out the Nintendo Direct!

Review – Razer Blade Stealth 13

Two weeks ago, I have bought a new ultrabook. At the time of the national lockdown I was considering to get a new mobile station but I wasn’t sure what to chose. I wanted actually a small high performance device, which should be capable of running games fluently and also handy transportation wise. So I did find the Blade Stealth 13 from Razer and after reading many tests and watching reviews on Youtube, I decided to get that little beauty. And so, here is my own small review!

Look & Feeling

The ultrabook’s aluminium case is very well designed and manufactured. It resembles kinda a bit Apple’s Macbook Air. The back side has the company’s logo but different from other models, it is unfortunately not illuminated. That was actually a small disappointment for me because everyone wants something colorful and shiny, don’t you agree?

The mouse pad response also very well. The only thing I don’t like is the size of it. Its too big in my own opinion. Somehow I have the habit that my right hand touches it always when I have it near the keyboard. Speaking of the keyboard, it comes with a RGB lightning and with the software Razer Synapse you can manage your lights as you wish on the keyboard and also of course your other Razer hardware 😉 The only small negative thing I have to say about it, is the very small Shift key on the right side next to the arrow keys. I hit always the Up key instead of the Shift.

Technical specifications

The specifications I have, are the following:

  • Intel Core i7 10th Gen Processor with 4 cores
  • 16GB RAM
  • NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • 512GB SSD Disk Drive

The device contains a dull full HD screen in small frame which guarantees a colorful display. Two fans on the bottom side regulate the heat. They are usually quite silent but here and there when the device thinks it has to do even such small works as doing downloading or installing, they can be a bit noisy. But it’s still in a green zone.
It comes also with a Thunderbolt 3, USB-C and USB-A connectors. Additional to that it includes a Windows Hello-Camera and of course Wifi.
Both speakers are on the left and right side of the keyboard and give a really good audio quality for their size.
The battery life varies. In idle mode, the Razer Blade Stealth lasted around 8 hours which is pretty average. If you are playing or doing intense works on it, the periode running on battery went down actually to the half, around 4 hours.


Actually, overall I am pretty happy with the Razer Blade Stealth 13. It’s not the perfect ultrabook even if you can play pretty much everything on it. For longer journeys you still have to watch out for a power socket. The price is also pretty high and for that value, you can get easily other models, even when they have a 15″ size which are better. In the end, the quality of the product is outstanding but keep in mind, you can get better for less.

What experiences do you have with ultrabooks? When you also use a Razer Blade Stealth 13, tell me your experiences!

Short Story: The scottish manor

Hey folks,

Here is a short story I wrote a very long time ago. I hope you enjoy it!

The scottish manor

It’s October and the autumn has arrived in Glasgow, Scotland. The chilly breeze blew the fresh fallen leaves through the streets. On a lonely road, a car was driving by. Peter and his mother had just moved to Glasgow from Wales. Peter’s mother got promoted and had to change her workplace and so they ended up in the far north of the British land.

It was already dark. The little boy watched out of the window and saw some strange looking silhouettes rushing around. He couldn’t figure what it was, so he tried to open the window. His mother, driving the car, felt the cold coming inside and closed the window immediately and blocked it for Peter.

They were driving home. Peter still watching outside, has gotten very tired but he was curious. It seemed that those shadows were following the car. Arrived at their destination, a huge manor situated in the outskirts of the city, Peter was still checking the environment. Behind the fences, which went around the big house, he saw some light reflected spots. At first only a pair but more popped up, multiple pairs of those spots were visible around the whole building. Peter was scared and tried to show his mother what was happening. His mother although just said that he should calm down and that his imagination was playing a joke with him because of his tiredness.

Later that night, Peter was already sleeping, a noise came out of the backyard. The little boy got awake and thought he was just dreaming, suddenly a second noise came up and at this point he was sure that it wasn’t a dream and that it had to be those bizarre shadows. He got up and walked to the window. From the first floor he looked down to the garden and he saw indeed that some statuettes were lying on the ground. He just wanted to turn back to bed when a glow appeared between some hedges. That was proof enough for him. He decided to be a brave little man. He dressed up and tiptoed through the mansion to the kitchen which led to the backyard. He continued walking slowly to those hedges, past the remaining statuettes and a fountain. Arrived at the hedges, he carefully looked for some hints. The glow was gone. In the middle of his search, an other noise came up behind his back. Slowly he turned around. His face went pale as he saw a big creature sitting on the fountain. “Meow”, came from the creature. “A-a-are you a cat?”, asked Peter shivering.

“Meow Meow”, was the response. Peter took a few steps forward. He figured out that there was really a huge cat sitting there and was washing its paws. At that moment the cat looked at him, Peter recognised the cat’s eyes. It were the same, he saw at first when he arrived at the house. “Peter, my little boy, don’t be afraid”, was a voice telling him in his mind, “Your destiny awaits you out there!” Peter was surprised but he asked instinctively:”Who are you? And what do you mean by my destiny awaits you out there?” The cat gave a long and loud “Meow” from itself. More eyes popped up around them. “I am Chloe, the cat queen. And this manor belongs to us. You and your mother don’t belong here! And for that reason I will take care of you! Just close your eyes…”, whispered the voice in his mind. He couldn’t do anything, like he was frozen. Slowly his eyes were closing. The last thing he saw were those cat eyes. His mind had been engulfed by darkness.

Peter came back to his consciousness. His sight was blurry at first and not only that, noises and smells were more intense. “Welcome to the Family, Peter!”, popped the voice up in his mind, “You are now one of my kids!”

What do you think about it? Let me know!

PS5 – That’s how it looks!

As you all probably saw, Sony revealed yesterday on their event the new PlayStation console, the PS5.

It looks kinda spacy but I do still like the new design. There will be two versions of it. The normal one which includes a Blue-Ray player and a digital one, probably for those who doesn’t like to collect discs anymore.

Neither a price or a release date got announced but the rumours tell that it will be comes out around christmas, probably a bit earlier.

Instead there were many games announced. My favorites were Resident Evil 8 and Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel from Horizon Zero Dawn which was a very great game. As for RE8, the rumours were true about the village and occultism. The story will progess as Ethan, the protagonist from RE7 and Chris Redfield.

Check out the trailers:

For more game trailers, check out the Playstation Youtube Channel.

What do you think about the new PS5? Let me know!