PS5 – That’s how it looks!

As you all probably saw, Sony revealed yesterday on their event the new PlayStation console, the PS5.

It looks kinda spacy but I do still like the new design. There will be two versions of it. The normal one which includes a Blue-Ray player and a digital one, probably for those who doesn’t like to collect discs anymore.

Neither a price or a release date got announced but the rumours tell that it will be comes out around christmas, probably a bit earlier.

Instead there were many games announced. My favorites were Resident Evil 8 and Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel from Horizon Zero Dawn which was a very great game. As for RE8, the rumours were true about the village and occultism. The story will progess as Ethan, the protagonist from RE7 and Chris Redfield.

Check out the trailers:

For more game trailers, check out the Playstation Youtube Channel.

What do you think about the new PS5? Let me know!